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  • 2018 Midyear Seminar

2018 Midyear Seminar

  • Saturday, December 08, 2018
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • DMACC, Newton, Iowa
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2018 Midyear Seminar

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Des Moines Area Community College

600 North Second Avenue West

Newton, IA 50208 

.65 CEUS


8:30-9:00             Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00-10:15           Honorable William P. Kelly, An Iowa Lawyer in Afghanistan

10:15-10:30         Break

10:30-11:30         Honorable Thomas James Augustine, State vs. Nicole Finn

11:30-11:45         Break

11:45-1:15           Kellie Paschke and Troy Skinner, Lobbyists, Lunch and Learn, Meet our New Lobbyists and Lobbyist Update, Dr. Patti Ziegler, DMACC Reporting program update

1:15-1:30              Break

1:30-2:45              Officer Jason Noble, Des Moines Vice & Narcotics Department

2:45-3:00              Break

3:00-4:30              Associate Warden Sean Crawford, Newton Correctional Facility Sexual Offender Treatment Program



 9:00-10:15 a.m.

Honorable William P. Kelly

An Iowa Lawyer in Afghanistan

Judge Kelly was appointed to the bench in October of 2015. He received his undergraduate degree from Brown University in 1986 and his law degree from Drake University Law School in 1999. Judge Kelly has spent 16 years in private practice. He is a member of the Iowa State Bar Association, the Polk County Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. He also spent five years as adjunct professor of law at Drake University.  Judge Kelly joined the Army in 1996 and is a Judge Advocate in the Iowa Army National Guard.

Judge Kelly will be discussing his military service in Afghanistan with the JAG Corps., military law and military justice, and how court proceedings were conducted while overseas.


10:30-11:30 a.m.

Honorable Thomas James Augustine

State v. Nicole Finn

Judge Augustine was appointed as an administrative law judge in 2018 for the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.  He graduated from Iowa State University with Bachelor of Arts degrees in political science and speech communication.  He was also awarded a certificate in Community Leadership and Public Service.  After college he continued his education at Drake University where he earned a J.D. and a Master's Degree in Public Administration.  Prior to becoming an administrative law judge, he served in the Ottumwa and Des Moines Adult Offices of the State Public Defender.   

The death of 16-year-old Natalie Finn gained national media attention when her mother, Nicole Finn, was charged with her death.  The shocking circumstances surrounding the case inflamed passions in Iowans and ignited a media frenzy.  Judge Augustine was one of her trial attorneys and will be discussing the case, with a special emphasis on the impact the media had on the trial.


11:45-1:15 p.m.

Lunch and Learn

Meet Our New Lobbyists & Lobbyist Update

Kellie Paschke and Troy Skinner of Skinner & Paschke, Attorneys & Lobbyists for ICRA

Kellie L. Paschke

Kellie received her B.A. from Cornell College in 1997, majoring in political science and J.D. from Drake University Law School in 2000, with a focus on corporate/business law.  She was admitted to practice law in September 2000.

Kellie began working in the legislature as a legislative intern in 1999.  Upon graduation, she spent five years working inside the Capitol as a research analyst for the Iowa House Republican Caucus staff.  Kellie was responsible for legal research and analysis of legislation for several areas including Judiciary, Public Safety, Justice System Appropriations, and Judicial Branch budget.

In 2005, Kellie joined the Iowa Association of Business and Industry as Vice President, Government Relations.  In this role, she served as a primary lobbyist for the association on all matters related to business, environmental, and labor law.  Kellie joined the law firm of Skinner, Nielsen, & McCollom, PLC in 2008.

In 2010, Troy and Kellie formed the firm Skinner & Paschke, PLLC.  During the legislative session they work full-time at the Statehouse, and in the interim they continue this service by providing regulatory and policy development assistance.  Troy and Kellie also maintain an active law practice which includes a focus on personal injury, workers’ compensation, employment law, and real estate matters.

Troy A. Skinner

Troy received his BBA from the University of Iowa in 1992 with an emphasis in finance.  He received his Juris Doctorate Degree from Creighton University in 1996, and was admitted to practice law in the state of Iowa the same year. 

Upon graduation from law school, Troy entered private practice with the Skinner Law Office in Altoona, Iowa.  There he was a general practice attorney for 5 years working primarily in the areas of family law, municipal law, and real estate/probate.  In 2001, Troy joined the law firm of Carney, Appleby, Nielsen & Skinner, where he began his lobbying career.  Troy and partner Stephen Nielsen later formed the firm Skinner & Nielsen, later known as Skinner, Nielsen & McCollom, PLC. 

During this time, Troy worked on drafting and advancing many comprehensive bills, spanning several industries.  As legislative counsel for Prairie Meadows, Troy was involved with the reduction in gaming taxes for pari-mutuel racetracks, as well as the procurement of table games license for such facilities. Troy’s work experience has provided him with extensive knowledge of general business and insurance laws in Iowa.

 Lunch and Learn

DMACC Update

Dr. Patti Ziegler, Court Reporting Department Chair

An update on the program at DMACC.  Sarah Bowers has joined the program as a new instructor.  Updates on enrollment and anticipated graduations.  Presentations are also given by the Honors Program students on their projects related to the court reporting field.  We are excited about the progress and growth of this program, and Patti has much good news and information for us.

Dr. Ziegler has an extensive reputation in the Court Reporting education field.
Dr. Ziegler has taught Court Reporting for more than 20 years. She served as a Vice President and Academic Dean and as a Professor of Realtime Reporting at AIB College of Business in Des Moines. Most recently she has been an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Information Reporting Technology at St. Louis Community College.

She oversees all aspects of DMACC's new Court Reporting program, including academic requirements, recruiting and mentoring students enrolled in the program. Court Reporters are extensively used throughout our legal system and across the country.

Dr. Ziegler is a member of the National, Iowa, and Missouri Court Reporting Associations. She is also a Certified Court Reporting Instructor and a Certified Program Evaluator for NCRA. She earned an M.A. from the University of South Dakota and most recently a Doctorate of Education from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


1:30-2:45 p.m.

Officer Jason Noble

Des Moines Vice & Narcotics Section

Officer Noble has been a narcotics investigator with the Vice & Narcotics Section of the Des Moines Police Department for almost three years.  He graduated from the Des Moines Regional Police Academy in 2005 and became a patrol officer.  After years of service as a patrol officer, he spent a year training new recruits at the academy and then got the opportunity to join the narcotics unit.  He has done numerous trainings through the years, including at the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center, involving meth investigations, interview and interrogation techniques, clandestine labs, vehicle contraband, as well as several other classes.

Officer Noble will be discussing how the task force operates, their undercover work, evidence processing, and the impact of drugs in our communities and courtrooms.


3:00-4:30 p.m.

Associate Warden Sean Crawford

Newton Correctional Facility – Sexual Offender Treatment Program

Sean Crawford is the Associate Warden of Treatment at the Newton Correctional Facility in Newton, Iowa.  His primary responsibility is the administration of the Sexual Offender Treatment Program.  The Sexual Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) at the Newton Correctional Facility has been developed on the basic tenet that sexual deviance is a complicated, multi-dimensional behavioral disorder.  SOTP provides programming that attempts to help men who have committed sexual offenses learn how to deal with their deviant thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  The primary medium of the learning and growth process is the therapy group.  Treatment of sex offenders involves learning appropriate and responsible social and sexual behavior to substitute for the inappropriate and irresponsible behavior that led to the offense.  Treatment intervention, which is provided through group therapy and individual counseling, focuses on assisting the individual to accept responsibility, increase recognition, institute change, and manage sexually-deviant thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.   

Associate Warden Crawford will be educating us on how the Sexual Offender Treatment program is run, including the assessment process the offenders go through when they first enter the prison and the program’s us of polygraph testing.  He will also be discussing the law with regard to sexual offenses and how the civil commitment process works.


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