ICRA Manual:

This committee shall consist of a chair and members who are willing to donate their time and talent, said members shall include the chair/or designee of the Official Committee, the chair/or designee of the Freelance Committee, two other reporters in Iowa, and the ICRA president.  The main duties of this committee are to update the Iowa Court Reporters Manual as needed. The committee shall submit a report once a year at the annual convention stating (a) they have reviewed the rules; (b) have made changes as listed in the report; and/or (c) found that no updates needed to be made.

Board Liaison:          Megan Sankey

Chair:                       Megan Sankey –  

                                  Joni Fleig – 

                                 Rachel Waterhouse-Schwalm –

                                  Laura Fulton –

                                 Brittani Meyer – 


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